The difference between success and greatness lies in our ability to lead others, and ourselves. Although many look to innovations, especially in technology, to generate value, it’s effective leadership that turns those innovations into corporate and societal game-changers. This is especially true when it comes to leading a Disability Business/Employee Resource Group (BRG/ERG). Springboard’s Disability BRG/ERG Professional Development Leadership Summit is designed to expand the capability and capacity of Disability BRG/ERG Leaders and their groups, providing the participants with a way to tap into potential and more of what is possible.  The Summit will also provide a forum for cross-company/industry learning, experience sharing and of course, networking.

Whether you already lead a successful Disability BRG/ERG or you’re just introducing it to your organization, the ERG Professional Development Leadership Summit will be invaluable in helping you take your group to the next level, whatever that level may be.




North America  
2020 Virtual Live-Stream
2019 Jupiter, FL
2018 Jupiter, FL
2017 North Miami, FL
2016 Durham, NC
2015 Unum, Worcester, MA
2014 Time Warner Cable, San Antonio, TX
2013 CSX Headquarters, Jacksonville, FL
2012 PSEG Headquarters, Newark, NJ
2012 HSBC Headquarters, Toronto, Canada