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Disability Matters is one of the most important Corporate events in the world. The highly coveted awards and conference is held annually in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.  These awards are given to Corporations around the globe that are leading the way in mainstreaming disability in three categories: Workforce, Workplace and/or Marketplace. In North America specifically, there are an additional three award categories that are offered:  Steps-to-Success, Disability Champion and Employer/Supplier of Choice.  These award winning initiatives are publicly celebrated during the Awards Ceremony. Moreover, the conference features experts from corporations, academia, government and the national non-profit sector who share best practices relative to successfully embarking on this most important work.  Companies interested in being considered for any of the above awards are encouraged to self-nominate.  Companies may also be nominated by others.  Please be sure to view the following video for a sneak-peek into the world of Disability Matters >>




Award Methodology & Descriptions

To learn more about the award methodology and read each award description, visit >> https://consultspringboard.com/dm-award-descriptions-and-methodology/

To be considered for an Award:

  • Please send an email to Ivette Lopez at ivette@consultspringboard.com, with the words
    DM Nomination” in the subject-line.
  • Make sure to include in your email an explanation as to why you, your company, other individual, or other company is being nominated and should be considered for the award.

Awards Process Effective July 1, 2019.

  • Nominate yourself, your company, other individual, or other company you believe is deserving of a prestigious Disability Matters Award.
  • The Disability Matters Awards Committee receives corporate and individual nominations from a variety of sources including self-nominations.
  • The Disability Matters Awards Committee launches a comprehensive process and due diligence to determine, if the company or individual is worthy of Award. Although not required, if completed, the NOD Tracker will be taken into consideration.
  • Applications (prior process) are no longer required.
  • If selected for an award, Springboard notifies the company or individual of being selected, providing logistics for Conference participation, and the Awards Presentation.
  • At least one person must be present throughout the entire conference, who will participate in a related session and be able to share successes and learnings, in addition to being present to accept the award.


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The Disability Matters Conference

The Disability Matters Conferences are designed around four pillars:


Springboard Consulting annually honors exemplary organizational initiatives with the Disability Matters Award for the successful promotion,  outreach, recruitment, employment, engagement and retention of candidates and employees with disabilities and for the successful promotion, outreach, engagement and retention of consumers with disabilities and those who have children and other dependents with special needs.


Disability Matters Award winners share their best practice initiatives and learnings along the way, throughout the Disability Matters Conference. Their presentations, along with those of our keynote speakers and other professionals, serve as practical tools with scalable solutions that others can utilize within their own organizations.


Springboard is honored to be associated with organizations whose innovative and pioneering initiatives have proven so powerful in changing their organizations perspective about people with disabilities and their families both as employees and as consumers and realizing that doing so is not just a strategic advantage, it’s a business imperative. We look forward to a long future of progress and success, and we encourage you to consider your own organization’s efforts for building a better workforce, workplace and marketplace for people with disabilities and their families.


The Disability Matters Conference provides a highly engaging networking opportunity for over one-hundred fifty like-minded professionals, all with a passion and dedication to appropriately and successfully support and engage people with disabilities as employees and consumers.



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