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Disability Connect is a one day Forum providing attendees with the perfect platform from which to make powerful connections, share best practices, and formulate strategies aligning with the theme of Communities in Common: LGBT & Disability – There’s more in common than you think and perhaps a lot you can learn from one-another.

The first of its kind, Disability Connect aims to be recognized as the premier event for Disability and LGBT Employee Resource Groups to come together on issues in today’s global and inclusive workplace.

Who should attend…  LGBT and Disability ERG members, leaders and their executive sponsors, inclusive of adults with disabilities, maturing workers with age-related disabilities, veterans with service-disabilities and those who have children or other dependents with special needs.  The Forum also welcomes diversity managers, human resource managers and allies and those workplace leaders who are considering the business benefits of launching a Disability ERG or are about to launch one.

To learn more, become a proud sponsor, purchase tickets or for additional information, contact: Ivette Lopez:  T: 973-813-7260 x102;  E: ivette@consultspringboard.com, or to learn more about this year’s event, please visit:  https://consultspringboard.com/2021-disability-connect/#welcome