• Deliver a nationwide (U.S. or Canada) dedicated section of the company’s intranet site for 24/7, self-serve access to critical information on disease/disability specific organizations and support,  special needs schools and camps, advocacy agencies, vocational rehabilitation services and much more. 
  • Deliver “Lunch & Learns” addressing issues of planning for the future, navigating the education system, college planning, work-life balance, health-care reform, care-giving, LGBT & Disability and more.
  • Design and deliver full-day strategy sessions for the purpose of launching, growing and/or managing a disability related Employee Resource/Business/Affinity Groups.
  • Offer a subscription based Disability ERG Leadership Networking Forum to engage and network with other corporate Disability ERG leaders.
  • Offer full-day, in-person Disability ERG Leadership Development and Strategy Summits at corporate hosted locations throughout the globe.
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