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Springboard understands that in order to thrive and prosper in today’s global world, businesses, governments and other organizations must seamlessly bring together the disciplines of Diversity, Human Resources, Legal, Work Life, Training, Media, Marketing and Communications alike. Each sector educates and influences the others in a manner that builds scale, enhances corporate social responsibility, creates synergies, mitigates risk, and realizes cost containment, increased productivity and profitability. To that end, we develop mindshare that turns into market share.

We offer a suite of customizable services that help you locate, define and design unique solutions that reach and serve the growing demographic of people with disabilities and their families. This demographic includes adults with disabilities, maturing workers with age related disabilities, veterans with service related disabilities and parents who have children and other dependents with special needs.

Our team listens, asks the right questions, embraces your organizational culture and makes the complex, understandable and meaningful. In doing so, we help you understand the insight, challenges and motivations of this large, loyal community. Whether we are marketing a company’s product or service, or focused on improving a firm’s retention, productivity and overall employee engagement, we pride ourselves on developing breakthrough initiatives that ignite success.

Recently, the world has begun to witness disability related issues that companies, governments and other institutions must be prepared to address such as:

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act/Amendment Act (ADA/ADAAA)
  • The Ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • Celebratory Events such as October’s National Disability Awareness Month and Disability Mentoring Day as well as December 3rd, which is the United Nation’s celebration of the day known as The International Day of the Disabled

Companies that are proactive in properly addressing these issues will turn potential liabilities into workplace and marketplace opportunities. This segment of people, now the largest and fastest growing minority market in the world, has already provided compelling evidence of their loyalty to and influence on business so that supporting this community is no longer just a strategic advantage; it’s a business imperative.


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