A Toolkit for Successfully Recruiting Top Talent with Disabilities

Talent Acquisition / Recruiter Toolkit

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Thanks to advancements in technology, people with disabilities can do virtually any job someone without a disability can perform. Expanding your recruitment efforts to include people with disabilities is a positive way to attract top talent for the company.

A successful talent acquisition program is a multi-faceted one. While there isn’t a prescribed “recipe for success”, there are many components that contribute to a successful recruitment program, especially one that targets qualified individuals with disabilities.

This Toolkit provides On Campus and Experienced Recruiters with basic guidance on disability considerations that impact the company’s overall diversity recruiting strategy. The goal is to build confidence in a way that helps recruiters make better-informed decisions about candidates with disabilities and, at the same time, mitigates the company’s risk of disability discrimination. This Toolkit should be viewed as a “living document” that may change over time as the need arises.

Each section of this Toolkit includes four components:

Legal-ease Simplified highlights the company’s legal nondiscrimination responsibilities associated with the recruitment activity using easy-to-understand language. The information contained in this section applies to both On Campus and Experienced Recruiters.

What This Means explains how the disability nondiscrimination requirements can affect a recruiter’s interactions, impressions and decisions about potential candidates.

Life Preservers provide practical solutions to eliminate barriers commonly experienced by candidates across disabilities during the talent identification and selection phases.

Dive Deeper presents a variety of self-guided activities that reinforce understanding of new knowledge, develop problem-solving skills, help to establish confidence and finally, promote adherence to standardized and compliant recruitment policies and processes when engaging candidates with disabilities. Where appropriate, different activities are included that are relevant for On Campus Recruiters and Experienced Recruiters.