Organizational Assessment  & Gap Analysis
  • Moderate a full-day, on-site session with cross-functional, key internal stakeholders to assess individual and organizational experiences and processes, knowledge, interests and fears relative to supporting this segment of the employee population.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of internal and external communications, company intranet site, public web-site and related collateral.
  • Conduct phone interviews with employees who have been public about having a disability or a having a dependent with special needs.
  • Deliver a findings/recommendations document outlining the organization’s greatest areas of opportunity and/or risk as well as a prioritization implementation of recommendations; a strategic blueprint.
  • Conduct a follow-up phone meeting with stakeholders.


IT/Web Accessibility Assessments


Usability Testing

    • Identify 10-12 participants to complete 1:1 system tasks at a lab in Massachusetts, remotely or in the workplace.
    • Conduct a comprehensive review of the sessions.
    • Deliver a findings/ recommendations document outlining resolutions to all identified usability issues.
    • Conduct a follow-up phone meeting with stakeholders.


Focus Groups

    • Identify 8-10 participants to discuss issues and exchange ideas relative to customer and/or employee needs and preferences of pre-prototype design concepts or wire frames.
    • Deliver a findings/recommendations document that includes a summary of the forum and resolutions to all identified issues.
    • Conduct one follow-up phone meeting with stakeholders.



    • Provide guidance for the programmers and web-developer around wire-frames and screens, navigation, architecture, site maps, etc.


Physical Barrier Assessments
  • Conduct on-site barrier identification surveys of all unique physical spaces inclusive of exterior access routes.
  • Deliver an interactive on-site training by including facilities team members in the entire assessment process.
  • Conduct a half-day training session, focused on barrier types, related regulations and best practice solutions.
  • Deliver a findings recommendations document identifying all necessary modifications/corrections according to severity of barriers. The survey will include diagrams, photos and provide guidance for the most feasible and cost-effective means of providing accessible environments within existing facilities.
  • Conduct one follow-up phone meeting with stakeholders.
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