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Corporate Communications

Writing about disability is complicated and requires sensitivity. Springboard works with corporate communications teams to ensure whatever is published (internal or external), is done so using appropriate language, tone, and messaging.


Springboard offers ghost-written articles on a variety of topics in support of a company’s marketing plan to engage with the disability community. We also provide review and guidance of editorial or copy that written by an employee of the company.

Media Outreach and Communications

Understanding how to effectively work with the media when it comes to communicating about the disability community can be tricky. Most companies are in a quandary about whether to approach mainstream versus targeted media, the most appropriate types of stories to pitch and specifically the correct language to use.

Market Outreach, Engagement & Activation

Depending on the product or service a company is promoting, Springboard provides direction to corporate marketing teams on how to communicate and engage with the disability community to activate their interest and positively respond to the call-to-action.


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