DID YOU KNOW – From Around the World:

  • BRAZIL – the Sao Paulo State labor code requires that meeting places for more than 100 persons or other facilities for 600 persons or more provide modified entrances and other accommodations for persons with disabilities.
  • FRANCE – in 2007, 20% of persons with disabilities were unemployed, more than twice the national employment rate.
  • GREECE – only 5% of public buildings are fully accessible.
  • INDIA – the constitution does not explicitly mention disability as a prohibited ground for discrimination.
  • INDONESIA – the government classifies persons with disabilities into four categories: blind, deaf, mentally disabled and physically disabled.
  • JAPAN – the law mandates that the government and private companies hire minimum proportions of person’s with disabilities (including mental disabilities) and that companies with more than 300 employees that do not comply must pay a fine of 50,000 yen per vacant position per month.
  • KOREA – firms with more than 100 employees are required by law either to hire persons with disabilities or contribute to funds used to promote the employment of persons with disabilities.
  • NIGERIA – law does not prohibit discrimination against persons with physical and mental disabilities in employment and education.
  • POLAND – estimates there are 3.8 million persons with disabilities in the country.
  • RUSSIA – the Federation’s Ministry of Health and Social Protection estimates that there are 15 Million persons with disabilities.
  • SOUTH AFRICA – law requires employers with more than 50 workers to create an affirmative action plan with provisions for achieving employment equity for persons with disabilities.
  • TURKEY – does not mandate access to buildings and public transportation for person with disabilities.
  • UNITED KINGDOM – all public service providers (except in the transportation sector) make “reasonable adjustments” to ensure their services are available to persons with disabilities.