A toolkit that provides Organizational Readiness & Accessibility in Film,
TV and related Production: Practical Strategies for Employing People with Disabilities

Entertainment Industry Toolkit

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This toolkit provides studio and network executives, along with production professionals, with strategies for building organizational readiness and accessibility in film and TV production. The goal is to build both competence and confidence in a way that helps production professionals make better-informed decisions about actors and crew with disabilities while also mitigating the studio’s or network’s risk of disability discrimination.

This toolkit includes four sections focused on disability issues potentially impacting film and TV production. The first section provides an overview of legal issues related to disability and their impact on studios and production companies. The second section discusses disability and access related issues to consider and address throughout the three phases of film, TV, and content production: pre-production, production/principal photography, and post-production. The third section offers practical strategies for effectively interacting with a variety of individuals with disabilities and includes best practices for common interactions when hiring and casting for your production. The last section offers realistic next steps you can adopt to increase the hiring of people with disabilities in your upcoming film and TV productions. The Appendices provide several relevant resources as you continue to design and manage your disability diversity and inclusion activities.