A Self-Directed Toolkit for Launching and Running a successful Disability Employee Resource/Affinity Group

Employee Resource Group Toolkit

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Total Number of Pages: 77

Table of Contents (PDF)

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Are you or your company interested in forming a Disability Employee Resource or Affinity Group and unsure how to get it started?

Does your company have an existing Disability ERG that is floundering?

While there are many similarities to forming or growing other affinity groups, there are also many differences. Should there be one group for all disability segments or one for employees with disabilities, another for veterans with service related disabilities and yet another for parents who have children with special needs? Should the group focus on support and networking or core business issues or both? These are just a few of the many questions we get from our clients about forming Disability ERG’s. Some inquiries come to us with excitement and anticipation while others with frustration.

Springboard’s® Disability ERG Information Toolkit can help. This kit, which is sure to eliminate the frustration and increase the opportunity and excitement, comes in sets of five for the initial planning team and provides the much needed guidance for the successful development or re-engagement of a Disability ERG. The kit includes everything from what to say and do at an initial core team meeting to announcing the official launch or re-launch of the group. Your planning team will learn about unique issues to consider in naming the group and setting a clear vision and mission to overall best practices in setting objectives, developing initiatives, planning activities, producing celebratory events and more. Springboard’s® Disability ERG toolkit is a sure-fire way to “springboard” into the development and launch or re-launch of such an important affinity group.

Want to dive even deeper in just a matter of hours? Springboard also offers a half day, in-person, strategic planning session with a Springboard team member. In addition to learning all of the above in a much more comprehensive manner, Springboard will share lessons learned and best practices from some of today’s leading global companies. Quickly turn your team’s interest in creating or growing its’ Disability ERG into a comprehensive strategic blueprint that will ensure excitement and participation from the masses. Whether you choose to utilize our Disability ERG Toolkit, Springboard’s in-person strategic planning session or both (and yes, most organizations find they benefit from both), we look forward to successfully guiding you and your team through this exciting process.

Should you have questions, or would like to schedule Springboard for an on-site strategy session, please contact Ivette Lopez at ivette@consultspringboard.com or 973-813-7260 x102.