Co-Founderand CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) 
 Perfectly Afflicted
 Having overcome various obstacles in his life as a result of his Cerebral Palsy, Chris Hendricks speaks and performs all over the country, using his voice through speaking and music to inspire others   to create   change. Chris, a native of North Carolina, broke away from a flourishing music career as the front runner of the Chris Hendricks Band to follow his voice to a higher calling. As an advocate   and promoter of self   love, Chris has recently thrown his music and passion into his for Cause company, Perfectly Afflicted. Using t-shirts and performances to facilitate messages of self love, Perfectly Afflicted raises awareness and money in support of anti bullying and the teen suicide epidemic. Chris and his new band, Castle Wild, just released their first EP, Kill the Daydreamers, which is now available