A toolkit for marketing professionals to understand why and how to effectively reach and ultimately penetrate this important segment.

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Brand Manager Awareness Toolkit

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Whether the latest technology, a fashion trend, or good food, people with disabilities want the same products and services as everyone else, but are often ignored when it comes to marketing and advertising. Smart marketers however, see this large loyal segment of the population as consumer with wants, needs and the money to spend on them. So how to get started?  Positive brand reputations are not gained by coincidence, it involves the intentional step‐by‐step development of a strategy that begins with an understanding and awareness of the customer.

The disability community is the largest and fastest growing minority in the world.  In the U.S., the disability community surpasses the Hispanic population and represents approximately 20% of the entire U.S. population. These numbers also do not include the parents, siblings, family members, friends, and caregivers who are also impacted and make purchases based on the needs and/or wants of the individual with a disability. This is also a community that does not discriminate, impacting people regardless of their race, gender, religion or social-economic status.

When a company is committed to consumers with disabilities, the way in which they communicate will itself become part of the brand’s message and positively take on a life of its own via social media, blogs, etc.  This is true for both disability-specific media and general media who have shown to respond favorably to company’s focused on this segment.

This toolkit helps marketing professionals understand why and how to effectively reach and ultimately penetrate this important segment by addressing the following topics.:

• Demographics
• Psychographics
• Segmentation
• Authenticity
• Etiquette
• Communication
• Community Engagement
• Advertising
• Media – Messaging and Inclusivity
• Digital Inclusion
• Products
• Packaging – The Hack
• Point of Sale Considerations
• Legislative Landscape
• Competitive Landscape
• Intersectionality with other Diverse Segments
• Interplay between the marketplace, workforce and workplace