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Disability Disclosure Tool

What’s the number one “D” word being discussed among Diversity & Inclusion professionals? If you’re thinking Disability, you’re close but actually, it’s Disclosure. It’s a discussion taking place around the world and an issue Springboard’s clients are struggling with and asking us for help.

Well, help is here.

Employers believe fear is the most common barrier to disability disclosure but in reality, it's the uncertainty of whether to disclose or not and if the employee does decide to disclose, the uncertainty of when, how, to whom and for what purpose.

When someone is born with or acquires a disability, they are not given a handbook guiding them on how to someday disclose to an employer. You can change that immediately, for your employees, because Springboard has created an electronic handbook, a tool that has fast become a best practice of leading employers for individuals with disabilities.

What does the tool include?

1. A decision tree that helps determine the need, decide when and how.
2. Consequence considerations that include why I’m telling, whom I’m telling, what I’m telling and how much and probably most importantly, why.
3. Process decisions that include preparing for the meeting, other things to consider and what exactly to include in the delivery.
4. Information that goes beyond disclosure to the interactive process and workplace supports/productivity tools, i.e. reasonable accommodations, from the individual’s perspective.

Springboard provides you with the ability to house the tool on your company’s intranet site or on an anonymous, password protected section of the Springboard site.

Keep in mind that disability disclosure is a personal decision and one that should not be taken lightly by anyone. Because it’s such an important decision and one that impacts both the individual and the employer, it is to everyone’s benefit to be armed with quality information and guidance, i.e., tools, to ensure the process and end result is straight forward, simple and successful. Contact Springboard Consulting at 1-973-813-7260 x102 or email at info@consultspringboard.com to learn more about how Springboard’s Disability Disclosure tool can work for you.


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