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    As most of you already are aware, President Obama’s administration is placing a very high priority on employment and labor law reform, particularly the laws designed to protect employees, including those with disabilities.


    The EEOC has now received a significant budget increase to boost hiring to improve enforcement initiatives, target systemic litigation and reinvigorate Federal Sector enforcement. What does this mean to you and your company? More complaints will be effectively investigated and litigated, especially as they relate to the appropriate implementation of the ADA Amendments Act. It is expected that in Fiscal-Year 2011 alone, more than 9,000 additional ADA charges will be filed with the agency.


    Springboard understands your company’s need for support and guidance with these most important issues and inquiries. We are committed to help.


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    Come celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the ADA with Springboard!
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    People with disabilities are the next great wave of diversity in the United States and around the globe. In fact, they are the largest minority in America today and still growing, especially when we include maturing workers with age related disabilities and veterans with service related disabilities. Currently, in the U.S., this segment of the population has exceeded the Hispanic population by 5%. People with disabilities want to work and in fact, come to employers with education and skill-sets that make them ideal candidates for a great many jobs, especially so when utilizing technology which has advanced greatly over the years and can, in most cases, level the playing field. Not only do we grow individually, but America grows every time we’ve allowed another diverse group to be fully incorporated into our workplace and society.

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