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Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality


Quote about working with Nadine and Springboard:

SATH is very excited to work together with SpringBoard Consulting LLC and Nadine to provide a seamless travel experience to people with disabilities and the mature. Jani Nayar, SATH's Exec. Coordinator says, "Nadine's enthusiasm is quite infectious and drives us to unite for a participative and accessible society; where the needs of people with disabilities and the mature are fully met."

Information about SATH:

What is SATH?

SATH, formerly Society for the Advancement of Travel for the Handicapped, has a well-established record in representing the interests of persons with disabilities.

SATH (Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality) was founded in 1976 as a 501(c ) (3)educational nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote equal access and opportunity worldwide for travelers with disabilities and the mature. SATH trains travel agents and tour operators as well as other sectors of travel industry personnel. Not only does SATH serve on federal and corporate access boards and committees, but also works with travel organizations like ASTA, TIA (Travel Industry Association of America) and IIPT (International Institute for Peace through Tourism) to name a few. SATH organizes congresses on barrier -free travel and also provides discussion panels, seminars etc for other industry conferences.

SATH participated in the writing of regulations for the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Air Carriers Access Act, as well Resolution 700 and 1700 of the International Air Transport Association. A Code of Conduct toward travelers with disabilities written by SATH was adopted by the World Tourism Organization in 1991. SATH has also lobbied for legislative change in the European Community and assisted numerous governments to develop national access guidelines.

SATH works closely with a number of sponsoring corporations to help create training programs and materials, improve customer service and develop better outreach and marketing. The Society provides speakers for radio and television and contributes articles to numerous publications.

Since its inception, SATH has served as a clearinghouse for access information.

Since 2001, SATH has accepted applications from overseas chapters as a way to expand global awareness and accessibility. Please contact the Society for full details.

Contact Info:
SATH (Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality)
347 Fifth Ave, Suite 605
New York, NY 10016
Tel: 212 447 7284
Fax: 212 447 1928
E-mail: sathtravel@aol.com and/or info@sath.org


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