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The emotional toll of caregiving for a dependent with a disability or living with a disability can often be unintentionally overlooked by employers and doing so could limit the full potential of some members of a company’s workforce. If employers are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, they must also consider adjusting the benefits they offer to make all employees feel they are valued and integral to the success of their company. To that end, this “attorney-client privileged” process, includes a comprehensive series of steps that will inform the company about its opportunities and areas of risk relative to the structure, delivery and integration of workplace benefits that better accommodate this segment of the organization’s population.

Benefit categories that will be explored include but are not limited to healthcare, disability and life insurance, voluntary benefit offerings, childcare, leave and employee assistance.

The process includes Interviews with the company’s benefits leaders, employees who have been public about having a disability and/or who are caring for a child or other dependent with special needs, a thorough review of health plans and other benefits related collateral as related to company policies, protocols, and practices.

Upon the complete review of all assessment findings, Springboard will develop and deliver a findings/recommendations document which will be reviewed via live stream.

  • Analysis
  • Disability Employment Assistance Program (DEAP)

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