2013 Disability Matters ASIAPAC Conference



2013 Disability Matters ASIAPAC Conference

Educate, Inspire, Network


Hosted by: Cisco Systems (India) Private Limited
Bangalore, India
September 18 & 19, 2013

Springboard Consulting LLC is pleased to welcome you to its 2013 Disability Matters ASIAPAC  Conference. We are grateful to our Host, Cisco, for bringing this most important corporate event to ASIAPAC.

This event offers a unique platform where leaders in the field of disability, representing corporations, government, academia and non-governmental organizations based in Asia-Pacific countries will learn from one another's best practices.  The day culminates with the Annual Disability Matters Awards Ceremony, which recognizes companies that excel at advancing disability initiatives in the workplace, workforce and marketplace.

According to the recent UN ESCAP 2012 Disability Study, persons with a disability make up a significant amount of the overall population.  In China 6.3% of the population is classified as disabled, Japan notes 5.8%, India 2.1%, Korea 5.6%, Australia 18.5%, and Singapore 3%.  How do these growing numbers relate to the Workforce, Workplace and Marketplace?  What innovative programs result in the successful recruitment, support and outreach of candidates, employees and/or customers who have a disability?

HEAR from award-winning companies and their best practices relative to mainstreaming disability in the workforce, workplace and the marketplace.

NETWORK with professionals who are responsible for making disability initiatives a business imperative.

LEARN practical disability-related practices, strategies and tools that you'll be able to easily implement in your own organizations.