2019 Disability Matters N.A.: Videos

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The 13th Annual
North America Conference & Awards



Please note:  In our initiating new processes for the event, the systems failed to capture the captioning.  Although, we do have our live-stream, which is captioned and available below for viewing.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



Day-1 Morning Sessions Day-1 Morning Sessions Day-2  Sessions



United Voices Choir


Opening Remarks


Research Presentation


Springboard in Post-Secondary
Education & in the Media


Disability in the Media &
Entertainment Industry



Keynote Day-1
Tricia Downing


U.S. Disability Regulation and
its impact on Corporate America


Neurodiversity: An Introduction


Neurodiversity in the Workplace


The Importance of Making
Full-Spectrum Disability
Part of your
Company Strategy & Culture



Performance by
Natalia Sulca


Awards Presentation


Opening Remarks Day-2


Springboard Announcements

2019 Disability Connect Forum   2019 Disability Matters 
Europe Conference & Awards
  2020 Disability Matters
North America Conference & Awards


Chief Diversity Officers 
for Disability Inclusion (C4DI)TM



Best Practices
Featuring the Honorees



Keynote Day-2
Lex Gillette



Travel: Accessibility & Acceptance



Workplace Violence


Aging & Disability
A Fireside Chat


Closing Remarks