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Springboard’s global offerings address all segments of the disability community including individuals who are born with or who have an acquired disability, whether visible or not, veterans with service- disabilities, those with age-related disabilities and parents of children with special needs as well as allies, caregivers and others who are impacted by disability in some way.

Although the majority of Springboard’s offerings are appropriate for all industries, we delivery many programs, presentations, trainings, and other initiatives that are industry-specific. Examples include Travel and Tourism, Entertainment, Insurance and many more.

While some of Springboard’s work addresses the workforce, workplace and/or marketplace in one initiative, most of our work falls specifically into one category.

  • Corporate Brainstorming: Successful, Sustainable and Strategic Disability Inclusion
  • Enterprise Excellence Guidance
  • Enterprise-Wide Disability/Accessibility Council       
  • Executive Coaching

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