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Disability discrimination lawsuit settled with University of Michigan

The U.S. Justice Department has reached a settlement with the University of Michigan under the Americans with Disabilities Act (#ADA).  The agreement resolves allegations that the university violated the ADA by failing to #accommodate a maintenance employee with degenerative back disease.  Specifically, the Justice Department alleged that the university failed to offer the employee, and another employee with a #disability, reassignment to available vacant positions for which they were qualified; rather, the employees were required to compete for available positions along with all other applicants.  The complaint also alleges that the university engaged in a pattern or practice of disability discrimination by applying a policy that denies reassignment as a #reasonableaccommodation in violation of the ADA. 

The consent decree, which must be approved by the court, requires the university to pay the employees a total of approximately $215,000 for monetary and compensatory damages, revise the university’s policies on reassignments and transfers, provide training to university staff on Title I of the ADA and file periodic.

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