Disability General


Are you aware of legislation that impacts your business from both a risk mitigation and profitability perspective?

My company, #Springboard has spent the better part of 10 years working with global corporations on #mainstreaming #disability, the largest and fastest growing minority in the world, in their workforces, workplaces and marketplaces. At a recent #WomenPresidentsOrganization (WPO) conference, I was shocked to learn that many of my #CEO peers, even those running half a billion dollar businesses were unaware of legislation that very much impacts their businesses from both a risk mitigation perspective and a profitability perspective.

  1. The #ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act impacts any business with 15 or more employees relative to equal rights in employment for both applicants and current employees. This EEOC regulation has been in place since 1990 and impacts issues such as hiring, physical access, on-boarding, reasonable accommodations, leave, etc.
  2. On March 26th of last year, the #OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) put new regulations in place impacting any U.S. Federal Contractor who receives $10,000 or more in revenue from the U.S. Federal Govt. The new regulation includes a utilization goal of 7% for employees with disabilities, required training for the folks who are doing the outreach and hiring, required language and forms for voluntary self-disclosure and more.

The legal implications of these regulations are important but the practical applications are critical and especially so for mid-size and smaller businesses.

If these rules impact your business and you would like additional information, contact Ivette Lopez at ivette@consultspringboard.com.  You may also want to visit the Springboard website at www.consultspringboard.com  We look forward to helping you.

This information should not be construed as “legal advice” for a particular set of facts or circumstances.  It is intended only to be a practical guide for participants familiar with this subject. Users should seek appropriate legal advice tailored to address their specific situation.