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Another suit related to Bullying and Harassment of PwD

I often talk about #bullying and #harassment being prevalent in the #disability community, especially and including in the #workplace.  Just last month the #EEOC charged The Cleaning Authority of Plainfield, Chicago, to pay $15,000 to a former employee as part of a three-year consent decree for harassing an employee with an atypical gait, referring to the employee as “a cripple”, mockingly imitated the way she walks, and told her that she was being a "hysterical basket case" when she objected, creating an abusive working environment.

In addition to monetary relief for the former employee, the decree requires that the company provide #training to its managers and other employees about the ADA, and imposes record-keeping and reporting requirements for the duration of the decree, among other measures.

Unfortunately, this type of harassment and bullying occurs way too often and in organizations that have very clear policies against it.  Springboard’s Disability Etiquette and Awareness Training can and will help.

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