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Another Example of the very large issue of Inaccessible Websites

The Justice Department announced this week that it has moved to intervene in Aleeha Dudley v. Miami University, et al., 14-cv-038 (S.D. Ohio), a private lawsuit alleging #disability #discrimination by Miami University in Oxford, Ohio by violating Title II of the Americans with #Disabilities Act (#ADA) by requiring current and former students with disabilities to use #inaccessible websites and learning management system software, and by providing these students with inaccessible course materials.

As alleged in the filings, Miami University uses technologies that are inaccessible to current and former students who have vision, hearing or learning disabilities.  Miami University has failed to ensure that individuals with disabilities can interact with its websites and learning management systems and access course assignments, textbooks and graphical materials on an equal basis with students without disabilities.  Miami’s failures have deprived persons with disabilities of a full and equal opportunity to benefit from Miami University’s educational opportunities.

Although this lawsuit is with a University and not with a corporation, it’s just another example of the very large issue of inaccessible websites.  Keep in mind that #SpringboardConsulting has a team of experts who are able to assess your websites (public, intranet) for accessibility under the #WCAG 2.0 global guidelines.  Call #Springboard today, 973-813-7260 to inquire about our comprehensive website #accessibility #assessments so this does not happen to you.

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