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Website Accessibility Review in THREE (3) Easy Steps!


Comprehensively review and analyze known issues, key user tasks, core pages and templates against the #WCAG2.0 Level #AA #accessibility #standards.

How?  By doing the following:

  • Navigating each page and form with the keyboard only, screen readers and voice recognition software
  • Checking each page for color blindness/contrast issues
  • Evaluating each page for browser control enlargement
  • Evaluating all videos for captioning and related requirements


Conduct a video-recorded, think-aloud accessibility test with ten individuals who have a variety of disabilities in order to identify the most significant accessibility and usability issues relative to user experience.

        Participants will:

  • Verbalize their experiences as they are interacting with the site.
  • Describe their expectations regarding the accessibility and other features of the pages.
  • Share personal preferences and any other comments they may have.


  •         Receive a comprehensive written report of findings/recommendations
  •         Receive the full unedited test video of the ten users

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REMEMBER:  Before actively sourcing candidates with #disabilities, you need to know where your #company’swebsite stands relative to accessibility for someone who may be #blind, #visually impaired, and/or have #limited use or an #inability to #useamouse or #keyboard. If you are unsure or you already know the site does not meet the global guidelines of WCAG2.0, consider conducting a web accessibility review.

#Springboard has a dedicated team of experts whose sole job is to conduct these assessments in three easy steps.  Yes, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Get started by contacting us at info@consultspringboard.com or 973-813-7260.