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ODEP signs alliance agreement with the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society

Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy Kathleen Martinez and Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society President Emeritus Richard Bancells signed an alliance agreement to promote #disability #employment and #total #inclusion for #people with #disabilities in the #workforce today at the #Nationals Park baseball stadium.

The Office of Disability Employment Programs is delighted to join forces with #PBATS because we both agree that whether on the field or in the workplace, it’s what people can do that matters,” Martinez said. “We look forward to working with PBATS in the coming years to help shape societal attitudes and improve employment outcomes for all qualified people with disabilities.”

Since its inception in 2006, #ODEP’s alliance initiative enables organizations to work with the agency to develop and implement model policies and initiatives that #increase the #recruitment, #hiring, #retention and #career advancement of employees with disabilities. Today’s alliance stems from a multi-year PBATS initiative called “Ability Transcends Challenges,” which seeks to educate the public about the talents of people with disabilities through public service announcements, ballpark events and other activities.

“PBATS is proud to be promoting the role that people with disabilities have played throughout baseball’s history, while speaking to the important lessons of inclusion and the need to harness this valuable source of American talent,” said Bancells. “This alliance presents an opportunity to help change America’s perception about the value of people with disabilities and demonstrate that truth using the power of baseball. PBATS is honored to be joining ODEP on this issue of major national importance.”

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