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Does your company Website meet the global guidelines of #WCAG2.0?

Earlier this week I received a phone call from an individual who serves as the Director of a #disability student services office of a large university. He was very upset and seeking guidance.  The following is a paraphrased account of what he said...

"I was contacted by the #recruiting department of a global financial services company who was interested in establishing a relationship with my office for the purpose of recruiting #students with disabilities from our campus. Not a common request, I was elated‎. The call led to two in-person meetings and a plan to pilot what sounded like a mutually beneficial relationship. The pilot began with my office informing our students about the company and their interest in hiring which led to an in-person information session. My entire team was excited about the opportunity our students were being presented with because we truly believed this company's corporate heart and mind was in the right place.  Well, shame on us for not doing more due diligence. Following an on campus meeting with a few of our students, the company requested they apply for the open positions on their careers portal. Imagine my surprise when we received feedback from two of these students that they would not be able to continue with the process due to the company’s website not being #accessible (one of these individuals is #blind and the other has extremely limited use of their hands).

I initially thought there must have just been some miscommunication.  I had no idea how to respond to the student and quite frankly, when I contacted the lead #recruiter, he had no idea how to respond to me. To their credit, within 24 hours I received a return call from an executive at the company, apologizing and informing me that they were not even aware of the site's inaccessibility and that the issue was being taken to their #IT folks immediately. I appreciated the call and their interest in taking immediate action but I know all too well there is no quick fix. I am so disappointed in myself for the oversight and in the company for not thinking about what it means to be truly committed to hiring #students with #disabilities."

I share this story to remind everyone that you need to know where your company’s #website stands relative to #accessibility for someone who may be blind, visually impaired, and/or have limited or an inability to use a mouse or keyboard. If you are unsure or you know the site does not meet the global guidelines of #WCAG2.0, consider conducting a #webaccessibility review.

#Springboard has a dedicated team of experts whose sole job is to conduct these types of #assessments for companies, providing feedback and recommendations where needed. It’s not as time consuming, costly or as complicated as you may think.  So call #Springboard today to learn how simple and successful we can make this for you.  Contact Us at info@consultspringboard.com or call 1-973-813-7260.

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