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Another Large Corporation Settles with the EEOC

Walgreens Settles #DisabilityDiscrimination Suit to the Tune of $180,000.  The terms of the settlement agreement also require Walgreens to post a revised policy regarding #accommodating #disabledemployees on its employee intranet site and provide #anti-discriminationtraining, make periodic reports to the #EEOC, and post a notice regarding the decree for three years.

The EEOC brought suit on behalf of a Walgreens employee who was fired after eating a $1.39 bag of chips during a hypoglycemic episode.  The employee reached for a bag of chips to stabilize her blood sugar levels and tried to pay after the fact and was quickly terminated.

Under the #ADA, employers must provide #reasonableaccommodations to #employeeswithdisabilities unless doing so would amount to a hardship for the employer, something that would have been difficult for Walgreens to prove (allowing an employee to pay for a bag of chips after she has stabilized her blood sugar is an undue burden).  Furthermore, the Walgreens employee had no disciplinary record ,was with the company 18 years and had disclosed having diabetes 13 years prior.  Walgreens was unable to prove her termination was unrelated to her #disability.

This is a reminder to employers: engaging in the #interactiveprocess is critical for determining if an accommodation is reasonable.  Proper #training and open communication can help to avoid unnecessary and expensive lawsuits.   Remember, Springboard can help you with such guidance and #disabilitytraining and typically for much less than the cost of even the smallest settlement.

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