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Act Now! Registration for the OFCCP Webinar Presented By Jackson Lewis and Springboard Consulting Closes Tomorrow!

Matt and Nadine Webinar


How to Balance the Legal Requirement with the Practical Implications
Join Matthew J. Camardella, a Shareholder in the Long Island office of Jackson Lewis P.C., and Nadine Vogel, CEO, Springboard Consulting, as they discuss the tension employers face between legal compliance with, and practical implementation of the affirmative action regulations for individuals with a disability.

Matt will provide a point-by-point breakdown of the regulations’ legal requirements, including recruitment obligations, goal-setting, and applicant and employee voluntary self-identification.

Nadine will provide everyday implementation tools for the HR Professional, including how to request that a Company’s workforce self-identify as disabled without raising alarms, diversity outreach techniques, evaluating good-faith efforts in light of the new regulations, and ensuring an environment of inclusion.

Together, Matt and Nadine will ensure companies are poised to achieve an appropriate balance between legal compliance and practical implementation.

There is no cost to participate!  You can register at: https://consultspringboard.com/ofccp-webinar/.
Please Note: Registration will close Thursday, October 23rd at 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time.


Founded in 2005, Springboard is recognized as the expert in mainstreaming disability in the global workforce, workplace and marketplace. Serving corporations and organizations throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia, Springboard has become a trusted partner in relation to disability issues and initiatives across virtually every business category. Springboard annually honors exemplary organizational initiatives that promote the outreach, support & engagement of people with disabilities as employees and as consumers through the Disability Matters Awards.