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According to the EEOC Can you perform the Essential Functions of the Job?

According to the #EEOC, every job candidate should be asked,

“Can you perform the Essential Functions of the Job With or Without an Accommodation”?   

This presumes your job descriptions clearly delineate the essential and marginal functions. 

       *Do you have #EJF’s as part of your job descriptions?  If not, you should. 

      * If so, do your recruiters and hiring managers consistently ask this question? If not, they should.

And, if your company is a U.S. Federal Contractor who now has a focused recruiting effort on individual with disabilities, this is more important than ever.

There are many reasons to have accurate EJF’s…

1.      Determining if someone is truly qualified for the job.

2.      Assessing if an accommodation request is reasonable.

3.      Objectively evaluating performance management.

#Springboard has a dedicated team of experts who can write your Essential Job Functions, create easy to use tools for assigning EJF’s to future job requisitions and provide training on proper use and implementation.

EJF’s have recently become the subject of much disability related litigation.  Don’t wait for your company to become the next subject - Contact Springboard today to get started info@consultspringboard.com

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