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Two New Training Sessions

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Due to tremendous demand,
Springboard Consulting announces
Two New Training Sessions...
"Leave as an Accommodation"
"Managing Psychiatric and Cognitive Disabilities in the Workplace".

Why these two topics? Why now? With so many definitions of disability, new regulations impacting issues of Leave for individuals with disabilities and increased concerns from managers about appropriate interaction and management performance, specifically with individuals who have cognitive and psychiatric disabilities, the need for this type of training has increased significantly.

Leave as an Accommodation

Provides guidance on an employer's obligation to provide extended leaves of absence or other accommodations to employees who are on a leave of absence and have a disability protected by the ADA.  Specifically, this session reviews the manner in which the EEOC and courts have evaluated extended leaves of absence and claims of undue hardship so that employers can manage employee leaves in compliance with various federal and state laws. The session includes an explanation of the interaction between the ADA and FMLA, common leave-related issues including job attendance, leave duration, undue hardship, intermittent and indefinite leave, performance evaluations, no fault leave policies, 100% healed policies, job protection, maintenance of benefits and much more.

Managing Cognitive and Psychiatric Disabilities

Provides an understanding of how these types of disabilities may affect a person's awareness, memory, ability to learn, process information, interact with others, communicate and make decisions. Often invisible, these disabilities lack the awareness and understanding of more visible disabilities. This session will review the workplace rights of these individuals, under the ADA, workplace impact, the types of accommodations and auxiliary aids most commonly needed and ways in which employers can effectively engage candidates and employees with these functional limitations and still benefit from their talent.

Led by Jana Burke, Springboard’s ADA Employment Specialist, both sessions are offered as webinars or as in-person training, ranging from 90-minutes to two-hours depending on the manner of delivery.

Contact Ivette Lopez at ivette@consultspringboard.com or (973) 813-7260 x102 to schedule one or both of these training sessions.

Founded in 2005, Springboard is recognized as the expert in mainstreaming disability in the global workforce, workplace and marketplace. Serving corporations and organizations throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia, Springboard has become a trusted partner in relation to disability issues and initiatives across virtually every business category. Springboard annually honors exemplary organizational initiatives that promote the outreach, support & engagement of people with disabilities as employees and as consumers through the Disability Matters Awards.

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