The European Commission

The European Commission (EC) has launched a new set of draft proposals that says by 2015 there will be an obligation for all public sector websites obligated to be accessible to individuals with #disabilities.  Less than 10% of #EU #websites currently employ #accessibility #standards and with the population #aging, the EC estimates that such legislation would benefit over 100 million EU residents.

Specifically, The European Commission says:

"Member states would have to take necessary measures to ensure that the websites concerned are made accessible [...] in a consistent and adequate way for users' perception, operation and understanding, including #adaptability of content presentation and interaction, when necessary, providing an accessible electronic alternative [and] in a way which facilitates interoperability with a variety of user agents and assistive technologies at Union and international level."


Before any measures become written into law, the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament would have to approve the Commission's draft proposals.


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