The 2013 European Union Disability Matters Honorees are Selected!

#Springboard Consulting, LLC® is pleased to announce the 2013 #European Union #Disability #Matters #honorees:



The Disability Matters Awards annually honors companies in the areas of: Marketplace, Workforce and Workplace that through innovative programs result in the successful outreach, recruitment, support and retention of candidates, employees and/or customers who have a disability. This year’s winners will be honored at the Second Annual European Union Disability Matters Conference & Awards to be held June 12-13, 2013 in #Paris, France at #Accenture’s headquarters. 

The honorees represent the best of the best when it comes to the commitment required and actions necessary to successfully #mainstream disability. These forward-thinking companies achieve their #diversity vision through implementing cutting edge disability initiatives which improve performance, employee development, retention, and build market share.

As the founder and president of Springboard Consulting and the Disability Matters Conference, and the mother of two children with special needs, one of whom is just beginning to explore the transition from college to the workplace, #Nadine #Vogel says, “It is so personally gratifying to see the incredible commitment of our honorees to the full inclusion of people with disabilities and their families in so many aspects of their organizations. Their passion and dedication to high standards for this most important work, inspires employees and customers alike.”
This year’s conference is hosted by Accenture, sponsored by #ADECCO Groupe, #Orange and #Ingersoll Rand and in partnership with the Association of French Managers in Diversity (#AFMD).

The 2013 Europe Disability Matters Conference will feature executive presenters from best practice corporations along with experts from government, academia and the non-governmental organizations sectors, sharing their experience on how to appropriately support and market to this very large, loyal segment of the population.

Show your commitment to mainstream disability in today’s workforce, workplace and marketplace by joining our honorees, event Host, Accenture, the Disability Matters sponsors and other business leaders June 12-13, at Accenture headquarters in Paris, France for a one-of-a-kind experience of education, inspiration, celebration and networking.
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