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Take Advantage of FREE Website Accessibility Review!

How to put the “A” in your website’s #Accessibility…Let Springboard show you how!

Got Accessibility?

You should hope… if your company’s web site is not accessible to people with #disabilities, the company is most likely losing potential job candidates and customers.  You could also find yourself having to defend a complaint, or worse yet, a law suit.  Keep in mind that in the U.S. alone, four out of 10 people with disabilities conduct their personal and business activities online.
The same trends can be seen in other part of the world such as in Europe and Asia, especially with a maturing society.  By not being accessible, you are losing out on lost business.

How Do I Know If My Site is Accessible?
Good question…   #Springboard #Consulting can help!   For a limited time, our IT/Web accessibility specialists will conduct a free accessibility review of your web site.*  We will review any two pages (such as the home page, a page from your careers portal or even a product detail page) to give you a sense where your site currently stands relative to accessibility.   We will review these pages against the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines and by using assistive technology that people with disabilities would use to access your web site.

You can use this review to see if you are accessible and welcoming to a wide range of candidates and customers, or if not, see what areas of the site and specifically, what issues, your company will need to focus on.

Next Step

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity by contacting Springboard Consulting today.  Contact Ivette Lopez via telephone:  +1-973-813-7260 x.102 or email:  info@consultspringboard.com and mention “FREE #Website #Accessibility #Review.”

*Offer has a maximum review of two-pages.  If additional pages are requested, a price quote will be provided.

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