Springboard Consulting joins forces with Accenture, ADECCO Groupe, Orange and the Association of French Managers in Diversity (AFMD) to further Disability initiatives in Europe!

Springboard Consulting LLC, recognized as the global expert on mainstreaming disability in the corporate #workforce, #workplace and #marketplace, announces its 2013 Europe #Disability #Matters #Conference and #Awards, to be held June 12-13, 2013, at Accenture’s headquarters located in Paris, France. “We are pleased and honored that Accenture is hosting this most important corporate event, along with this year’s partner, and sponsors to include ADECCO Groupe, Orange and Ingersoll Rand”, said Nadine Vogel, President of Springboard Consulting LLC.

The disability community is the largest and fastest growing minority in the world. In the European Union alone, there are over 80 million people with various kinds of #disabilities, and this number is expected to increase in the coming years. Meeting the needs of this segment, through workforce, workplace and marketplace initiatives is no longer just a strategic advantage, but a business imperative as this population represents a significant potential consumer market. According to the UK Department of Business, in the UK, alone the disabled consumer market comprises 10.6 million disabled people with combined annual spending on goods and services estimated in excess of £80 billion. In an ever increasing competitive global market place, companies no longer can afford to overlook this purchasing power and need to better serve this population segment.

Companies interested in participation as a sponsor or purchasing tickets will find additional information, by visiting  or may contact Sigrid Senamaud: +1 973 813 7260 (extension 5) or

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