A Shared Experience Trumps All Else, especially Disability

Your company's success and culture depends on making each employee most productive.  It depends on getting team members who are different to empathize with each other and drive their mutual success. As those with and without disabilities work together, how do you make this happen? A shared experience trumps all else.

While employees can never truly know what a person with disabilities' life-long experiences are like, a good glimpse into their world in the workplace drives collaboration. How? By partnering with Springboard to produce their highly acclaimed, “Day-in-the Life” experiential learning program, not only will select employees simulate their regular workday activities such as entering the building, using the elevator, participating on conference calls, attending meetings, purchasing lunch in the cafeteria, working on their computer, etc., they will get to share their experiences with the rest of the organization via archived, filmed recordings of their pre and post thoughts and real-time dealings.

Springboard’s “Day-in-the Life” experiential learning program is critical for any company truly committed to appropriately supporting individuals with disabilities and driving workplace productivity. Want to know how your peers are successfully implementing this exciting program?  Contact Springboard today at or call 1-973-813-7260 to schedule a call and learn more.