New U.S. Captioning Rules

In the U.S. new #captioning rules went into effect on September 30th of 2012 as part of the Twenty-First Century Communications and #VideoAccessibilityAct that state that most full-length, non-live programming must be #captioned if previously broadcast on television with captions. The National Association of the #Deaf, Telecommunications for the Deaf and #HardofHearing, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consumer #Advocacy Network and four other organizations have filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), accusing Amazon of violating these new rules on their Instant Video service.

These groups believe that Amazon has no excuse for failing to caption these programs, considering that it was a participant in the FCC’s Video Programming #Accessibility Committee, which determined how the new rules regarding captioning of online videos were to be implemented. More to come.


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