IT/Web Accessibility: Springboard Can Help

IT/Web Accessibility:
It Matters To You, Your Employees & Customers and now Springboard Can Help

In recent years, Springboard has had numerous client requests for enterprise-wide support in the business critical area of IT/Web Accessibility and user experience research. Because our clients understand the importance of mitigating risk while turning such challenges into business opportunities, such requests have included:

  • Comprehensive IT/Web assessments and gap analysis,
  • 508 compliance reviews,
  • User experience enhancements
  • Usability testing and
  • Improvements to application utilization.

In Springboard’s on-going effort to meet the disability related end-to-end needs of our clients and because accessible technology matters more than you think, it is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of The Design and Usability Center (DUC) at Bentley University to the Springboard team.

Since its foundation in 1999, the DUC has helped hundreds of corporate clients around the world. Collectively, the Senior Staff, led by Bill Albert, PhD, have more than 75 years of experience in the UX field. Additionally, the DUC offers one of the most sophisticated usability testing facilities in the United States. The center's two state-of-the-art testing labs are ideal for Springboard’s clients to utilize for the purpose of usability testing, focus groups, and even field research.

Whether your IT Accessibility needs are in the area of Discovery/Assessment, Design and Evaluation, Benchmarking or Strategy, whether in IT, HR or Marketing, Springboard Consulting, in partnership with the DUC will most certainly meet your needs and do so in a cost-effective manner.

Contact Springboard today via email at or via telephone at +1-973-813-7260 to learn more about our new exciting offering and/or to review your specific accessibility needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.

-- The Springboard Consulting Team