Italy Fails to Fulfill EU Equal Treatment Directive for Persons w/Disabilities

On July 4th, the #Court of #Justice of the #European #Union (#CVRIA) said that #Italy has failed to fulfill its obligations under the #European #Directive #equal #treatment in #employment. The EU directive is in line with the United Nations Convention on the #Rights for #Persons with #disabilities.

According to CVRIA, the European Directive requires all employers in the #EU countries, to take appropriate measures on an individual basis, to enable someone with a disability to enter the employment market, and to undergo training. The only time an employer is not obliged to do this is when the measures impose a disproportionate burden to the company.

The European Commission says that Italy has failed to fulfill its obligations in this manner and CVRIA has agreed, stressing that the #Italian #laws do not oblige all employers to adopt measures which are taking into account each individual situation, which will enable any person with a disability to have access to, participate in, or advance in employment, and to undergo training, without imposing a disproportionate burden on the employer.

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