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Essential Job Functions: Component of Talent Acquisition and Management

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Essential Job Functions: An Essential Component of Talent Acquisition and Management

“Essential Function” Job Descriptions - are a crucial component of HR compliance, especially useful in the mitigation of risk when it comes to the talent acquisition, management and potential termination of individuals with disabilities.

Essential Job Functions (EJF’s) - are the basic job duties that an employee must be able to perform, with or without an accommodation and according to the ADA, should be included in each and every job description. EJF’s are key in determining if applicants are qualified for a given position, when responding to ADA accommodation compliance issues and for performance management.

Essential Job Functions - have always been important but with the new OFCCP Rules impacting Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act, specifically the nationwide 7% Utilization Goal for qualified Individuals with disabilities and the increased efforts around self-disclosure, EJF’s are more important than ever. 

The question is what is your company doing to ensure your job descriptions include properly drafted EJF’s? Unless the answer is that your company’s EJF’s are complete, meaning for all positions, no matter the level or function and that you have a comprehensive system for creating job requisitions utilizing the EJF’s, then the real answer is CONTACT SPRINGBOARD TODAY

Thanks to Springboard’s expertise on disability employment and related compliance, Springboard has helped many companies create properly drafted EJF’s and a comprehensive system for using them, for tens of thousands of corporate job descriptions. 

Contact Ivette Lopez via email at to schedule a phone meeting to learn more about the importance of EJF’s and Springboard’s comprehensive yet simplified process for creating them.

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