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Disney World and Disneyland – Disability Pass

#Disney World and #Disneyland have eliminated the #disability pass that many who have visited one of these theme parks and who have a disability or who have family members with special needs have utilized. Instead, they are replacing it with a form of the #FASTPASS, something what park guests are familiar with.

Earlier this year, a #scandal broke out involving Disney theme parks and guests who have disabilities; tour companies were offering “#handicap #tour #guides for hire”, allowing those willing to pay, a way to immediately skip the lines by taking advantage of a free pass intended for disabled guests and their families.

Currently, park visitors who are unable to wait in line are able to access the FASTPASS lines without waiting for a return time. Keeping in line with their theme park peers, On October 9th Disney will be replace this system with a pass that allows guests to reserve a time to return, similar to the current FASTPASS system but with shorter wait times.

#Springboard would like to hear from anyone who visits Disney using this new system and let our readers know what your experience is like.

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One Response to “Disney World and Disneyland – Disability Pass”

  1. Dillard says:

    I am a 100% disabled veteran with two kids with severe autism. Both are nonverbal. My 9 year old absolutely LOVES Disneyland and it is a shame that people would abuse this. Those people obviously have zero pride and no shame.