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Disability Etiquette & Awareness

When #Springboard delivers its’ #Disability #Etiquette & #Awareness #training, one of the examples is about a woman who on her first day of work has a conversation with someone while in line in the company cafeteria. The result of the conversation is the gentleman reporting the new employee to #HR as being drunk. In actuality, she has #Cerebral Palsy (CP) which significantly impacts her speech and gait. Participants often comment on how difficult it is to believe such a thing could occur, yet another similar story has emerged. In this case, a woman who has a mild form of #CP has been refused entry to some local nightspots eight times in the last two years, because door staff thought she was drunk; an embarrassing situation to say the least.

Perhaps it’s time for the door staff, security staff and all employees at these nightspots, to engage in Springboard’s Disability Etiquette & Awareness training. What do you think?


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