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#Springboard’s Suite of Resources

Self-guided, electronic training is more popular than ever.  So is the need for information and resources on #Disability #Etiquette and #Awareness, the many complex facets of the #Americans #with #Disabilities #Act and the #ADAAA and how to successfully launch and/or grow a Disability Employee Resource Group.  With the recent approval of the #OFCCP regulations impacting the hiring of #individuals #with #disabilities, these topical, highly informative “how-to’s, have become more important than ever before.

It is for this reason that Springboard has re-designed and greatly expanded all of its’ information #toolkits to include additional step by step guidance, relevant examples and more. Each of these comprehensive toolkits are now available electronically to enable everyone in your organization to more easily utilize this important information. The three sought-after toolkits are:

Disability Etiquette and Awareness, Disability Employee Resource Groups, Americans with Disabilities Act/Amendment Act (#ADA/ADAAA)

To learn more or to order one or more of the toolkits, please visit our website’s product page - https://consultspringboard.com/shop/products/.  Here you’ll be able to see additional details about each product, review the table of contents and download the order form.  Should you be interested in purchasing all three toolkits during one purchase transaction, please email your order to form to #Ivette #Lopez at ivette@consultspringboard.com to receive a 10% discount on the total order.

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