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#Outback #Steakhouse Fires Server Because of His #TBI

The #EEOC won a recent lawsuit charging Outback Steakhouse with a firing server days after a new manager took over at Outback's Phoenix Metrocenter location. According to the EEOC's suit, the server had worked successfully under Outback's prior manager, but a new manager terminated him because of his #disability, #traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Such behavior violates the ADA and Outback will pay $65,000 this employee to settle this discrimination lawsuit. After the court denied Outback's motion for summary judgment, Outback will also revise its policies concerning disability discrimination; train its Arizona managers on the laws prohibiting disability #discrimination; and post notices in Arizona Outback Steakhouses regarding employees' rights under the ADA.

EEOC stated that this particular employee worked tirelessly to be a good server after suffering a traumatic brain injury. The ADA prohibits employers like Outback from firing individuals like him who add so much to the workplace.

Make sure you train your company managers so that they do not fire employees because of their mistaken beliefs about what individuals with disabilities can accomplish. If you need assistance, contact Springboard for information about its Manager Training Program.

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