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ADA Blog #158 NEW FINAL REG To Increase Hiring of People with Disabilities I

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (#OPM) issued final regulations pertaining to a special hiring authority to make it easier for employers to hire people with certain disabilities.  This final rule is effective March 25, 2013.

The final rule for '#Excepted Service – Appointment of Persons with Intellectual #Disabilities, Severe Physical Disabilities, and Psychiatric Disabilities,' also known as '#Schedule A Hiring Authority,' simplifies the hiring process for job applicants with disabilities who have work, educational, or other relevant experience, by relieving them of the burden of procuring '#certificates of readiness' as a condition of appointment.

The new #regulations are consistent with the President’s policy of removing barriers and encouraging the employment of individuals with disabilities in the federal workforce.

Schedule A Hiring Authority for persons with disabilities is one of the tools the federal government uses to accomplish the goals of Executive Order 13548. In FY 2011, people with disabilities represented 7.96 percent of all new hires. When veterans who are 30 percent or more disabled are included, people with disabilities represent 14.7 percent of all new hires or 18,738 people.


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