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ADA Blog #155: Regulation Update: Pool Lifts Now Mandatory

The #ADA compliance deadline for #pool lifts, extended to Jan. 30, 2013, is now #official. These new regulations affect #recreation facilities, #swimming #pools, #wading #pools and #spas. #Pools with less than 300 linear feet must now provide one means of access, either a #pool #lift or #sloped #entry. Larger pools must include one additional means of access. Individuals with disabilities will now, in general, be able to access swimming pools and spas and use a variety of features of the facility. The guidelines are the minimum level of #accessibility required and are encouraged to be exceeded where possible to increase opportunities.

The Department of Justice (#DOJ) twice granted extensions for pool lifts in existing facilities. An article in #Pool & Spa News speculates whether a string of lawsuits will now ensue.

For more information, please see ADA Blog #111 and ADA Blog #122.


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