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2014 Disability Matters Awards Application

#Applications for the 2014 #Disability Matters #Awards are now available. 

Honorees will be selected in the following categories: 

  • Workforce, Workplace & Marketplace as well as the
  • Disability Matters Employer of Choice Award, given to a company that has taken their award-winning initiatives to a level where there is complete synergy between mission and achievement. 
  • The Disability Champion Award is open to individuals within an organization at the Executive, Management and Associate levels. 
  • New this year is the “Steps to Success Award”

For more information on the different awards visit: https://consultspringboard.com/2011/dm-award-descriptions-and-methodology/

Deadline to submit applications 12/3/13       

To request award applications contact: 

Jill Frankel 973-813-7260 x106 or


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