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2014 Disability ERG is Expanding to include all of North America


 Springboard's 2014 Disability ERG Summit Expands to include all of North America

MENDHAM, NJ (11/12/13) -- Springboard Consulting LLC announces the expansion of its’ Disability ERG Summit to include all of North America.

Over the last few years, Springboard has held Disability ERG Summits in both the U.S. and Canada. Due to an overwhelming number of requests to combine these two events in order to allow our U.S. and Canadian colleagues to share information, experiences and best practices, we are announcing that the 2014 Summit will be a combined North America event.

The difference between success and greatness lies in our ability to lead others, and ourselves. Although many look to innovations, especially in technology, to generate value, it’s effective leadership that turns those innovations into corporate and societal game-changers.  This year’s Summit will educate and empower its attendees to realize what’s possible and take their Disability ERG to the next level.

Join Springboard and our Summit Host, Time Warner Cable on Tuesday, April 8th at the Time Warner Cable building in San Antonio, TX for a one-of-a-kind experience of education and networking.  And while you’re in town,  plan on attending Springboard’s 8th Annual  Disability Matters North America Conference & Awards which will begin the evening of April 8th (immediately following the ERG Summit) and run through April 10th.  Disability Matters is being hosted by Toyota and taking place at Morgan’s Wonderland, also in San Antonio, TX.

Please refer to the Summit release dated October 15th for additional details and Contact Ivette Lopez (E:  ivette@consultspringboard.com; T: 1-973-813-7260 x. 102) for additional information and/or to purchase tickets visit - https://consultspringboard.com/erg-pdl-summit-2014/.

To learn more about Springboard’s 2014 Disability ERG North America Summit visit: https://consultspringboard.com/erg-pdl-summit-2014/  To learn more about Springboard’s  2014 Disability Matters North America Conference & Awards visit: https://consultspringboard.com/category/disability-matters/disability-matters-2014-us/

ABOUT SPRINGBOARD CONSULTING® Founded in 2005, Springboard is recognized as the expert in mainstreaming disability in the global workforce, workplace and marketplace. Serving corporations and organizations throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia, Springboard has become a trusted partner in relation to disability issues and initiatives across virtually every business category. Springboard annually honors exemplary organizational initiatives that promote the outreach, support & engagement of people with disabilities as employees and as consumers though the Disability Matters Awards. www.consultspringboard.com

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