Welcoming and Inclusive

In assessing company websites and intranet sites, one of the things #Springboard looks at is messaging around #accommodations. What we are finding is that although most of these companies have statements that reflect who to contact should an accommodation be required, they are often written in legalese, focused on legal compliance, rather than on encouraging candidates and employees who believe they need an #accommodation, to request one.

If your company is truly interested in attracting qualified candidates with disabilities, you may want to take a look at these statements to ensure they reflect your organization’s intent to be a welcoming and inclusive environment for PwD. Call #Springboard today at 973-813-7260 to help you evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness your #accommodation statements.


This information should not be construed as “legal advice” for a particular set of facts or circumstances. It is intended only to be a practical guide for participants familiar with this subject. Users should seek appropriate legal advice tailored to address their specific situation.