The Metro (Washington DC area)

For folks with #disabilities who use the Metro (Washington DC area) to commute to work or just get around were very excited to hear about the Metro’s plans to make their SmartTrip cards more accessible. The excitement was hampered a bit though when these individuals learned that the new machines, which are scheduled to be released, do not have an audio component for those who have visual or cognitive impairments. The issue here is the purchase of brand new equipment that is not entirely #accessible to everyone. Why should something brand new first need to be retrofitted at yet additional cost and time especially considering that under the #ADA, the Metro, like other public transit, must provide equal access to those with disabilities?

Although this story is one focused on a particular Metro system, it addresses a much larger issue for companies across the globe: #UniversalAccess and specifically accessibility relative to technology. How is your organization dealing with this? Are you constantly dealing with retrofitting and related costs? #Springboard wants to hear from you, your challenges and perhaps your solutions.


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